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A bit about our design.

Before all else, we are experienced builders…

The aesthetics of your home is the easy bit… What makes a Sorensen Caldon Ferris Builders home exceptional is that we approach every design from a buildability standpoint – it must be functional, liveable, suit the site, and represent good value with quality finishes and workmanship.

Most importantly the design is based on what you, our client, would like to achieve. Great aesthetics come into play when all these factors have been addressed, and even better, we do all of this based on your outlined budget.

Our design philosophy is simple – we essentially work backwards to a finished home. Our first phase is to determine the projected site-work requirements taking into account factors such as the fall/size of the land, the views, passive solar design (sun, prevailing breezes, orientation) any block restraints (bushfire, flood levels, tree removal) and any other general issues that may need to be overcome.


We recommend products and building techniques most suited to your build, ranging from the appropriate foundations required to assessing your driveway levels to achieve a practical and liveable design.

Our next phase is ensuring your home concept sketch considers all requested internal and external finishes. The design is carefully looked at to make certain the home size fits within your requirements and is in line with your budget.

Together, each phase will determine the overall size of home to be designed, ensuring all requests are included as part of the total project cost.

Our design team will draft plans in consultation with you our Sales team and our Builders.

Once your plan is completed, the design will be costed, and a fixed price tender will be presented to you.

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